Beginning TAI CHI

With encouragement from my friend Paula, I got the Tuesday-Thursday evening schedule for Tai Chi at the Wellness Center where I’ve belonged for years, but never paid attention to classes offered. Paula also provided supportive information on the benefits of Tai Chi – that the movements were easy to follow and would promote flexibility and balance. I wouldn’t have to worry about tripping or falling and I would move about gracefully in no time.

I went to my first Tai Chi class. Paula didn’t make it. The instructor explained the steps as the group moved through the “choreography” and made me feel glad to be there. There was a couple I knew from church – everyone was welcoming. There were men and women – a variety of ages. I felt at home.

We started the warm-up by bowing respectfully. Soft, oriental-type “new age” music played in the background. We moved our arms gently in sort of a breaststroke. It felt like swimming in the air. It was exhilarating and relaxing! Soon, though, the hand, arm and foot movements became more complicated!

I thought my years of dance instruction – albeit 60 years ago – would put me in good stead. Not! I was stiff and so were my movements, but I was sort of able to follow and laughed a lot. Everyone assured me they’d been participating for years and I’d catch on eventually. I just needed to keep returning and practicing and enjoying. I’m looking forward to the next class.

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